.XXX Sunrise B blocks

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Reminder Sunrise B blocks
expire December 1, 2021

.XXX Sunrise B blocks, which prevented unwanted domain registrations since 2011, will all expire on 1st December 2021. This can expose brand owners to domain abuse if they do not convert to the AdultBlock/AdultBlock+ registrations. AdultBlock products block domain registrations, where domains are not currently registered, including premium domains and future registrations of already registered domains.

Benefits of AdultBlock products;

·        AdultBlock will help your customers protect their brands against the risk of reputation damage, customer confusion and mistrust, cybersquatting, and phishing by blocking trademark labels across 4 adult themed TLD TLDs: .ADULT, .PORN, .SEX and .XXX, while being a great addition to your portfolio of service offerings!

·        Brand owners can protect their brands intellectual property from 1 to 10 years.

·        AdultBlock customers can experience large savings when comparing the cost of defensively registering the domains.

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